Rolls Royce – The Company Today

Rolls Royce-The Company Today


     Rolls-Royce, since 1904, has been making cars that push the standards of luxury.  For over a century Rolls-Royce has been the definitive luxury automobile, carrying its passengers in sumptuous comfort.  However, towards the mid twentieth century, Rolls-Royce got a reputation for being extremely unreliable, and lost many of it’s buyers to it’s main rivals : Bentley, and Mercedes-Benz.  However, in 2000, the Bavarian giant BMW took control of Rolls-Royce.  BMW steered the company into the right direction, giving it resources and funding that the almost bankrupt company needed.  While Rolls-Royce was blinded and seemed hopeless, BMW nursed the company back to its superior build quality and reputation for creating some of the most special cars in the world.  Today, Rolls-Royce is thriving with three fantastic models : the Phantom (seen above), the Ghost, and the new Wraith.



One thought on “Rolls Royce – The Company Today

  1. I really enjoy seeing the combination of engineering and elegant design come together to form such an amazing car

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