Car Design

Car Design


     It’s a well known fact to automotive companies that car design reflects the mood and image of the people who drive and buy their cars.  Just like a writer who uses a different tone when approaching a specific audience, car companies have to design and make cars that reach out to a specific group of buyers.

Cadillac has different models that appeal to specific markets.


Cadillac Escalade

     The big Cadillac Escalade exemplifies the diverse audience of Cadillac.  This car is mainly meant for younger audiences who believe in the “bling” factor.  The Escalade has a specific mood or tone with its styling, it’s massive and has great road presence.  The windows can be tinted and the seat position can be raised up as high as possible, which is appealing to the younger folk.

92-00 cadillac eldorado etc

Cadillac ElDorado

     During the same time the Cadillac Escalade was being produced for the younger generation, with its massive rims and road presence, the same car company was producing the Cadillac ElDorado.  This car was aimed at an older audience, which can be identified by the different design cues.  The ElDorado had a much lower stance, and was built mainly for comfort in mind.


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