The Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type


     The gorgeous and striking Jaguar F-Type has been the talk of the automotive world since it’s release.  As a successor to the famous and iconic E-Type Jag, this car had an immense amount of pressure to deliver. To remind Jaguar’s audience of their beautiful E-Type, they designed the F type with the same design cues in mind.  Image

     Just as the E-Type had revolutionized the design of supercars of that era with its graceful sports car stance, the F-Type shares very similar design cues.  Both vehicles have an amazing and impressive stance on the road, showing off their trademark Jaguar grille that has become so popular in their new cars.  The Jaguar design team created the new car using their idea of what a modern, 2013 E-Type would look like.  Of course, the new car is far bigger, safer, and much faster, but the design and overall feel of both cars is very much the same.  We look forward to seeing the new Jaguar F-Type Coupe at the LA Auto Show this weekend!

     Just as an authors tone, mood, and atmosphere add to the impression and feeling of the reader, so do the design cues of cars like these.  Just how a group of words are structured to give the reader an image and deeper understanding of the literature, people can interpret the design of a car to understand its purpose.  If one asked a stranger what these cars look like, most likely everyone would say they are sports cars, because of the way they look and the image people get when they see cars like these.


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