Comedic Cars

Comedic Cars


The G-Wiz (REVAi) 

     The G-Wiz is a fully electric car that has taken a beating from several automotive journalists over the years.

     This small micro electric car is produced in India by the manufacturer REVA Electric Car Company.  Although this car is extremely cheap, it’s build quality and reliability is humorous to petrolheads all over the world.  Top Gear UK has mocked the G-Wiz for years, using several different forms of comedy to review the car.  The show typically used farce and satiric comedy, as they used a very dry and clever sense of humor to explain their complete hatred of the quad.  Jeremy Clarkson, one of the three hosts of the show, made fun of the type of people who would buy a car which lacks “style, sensibility, handling, safety…” (it was a long list). Utilizing exaggeration, the hosts claimed that it is impossible to do a lap around their circuit in a day, due to it’s incredibly “puny” lithium ion batteries.  The REVAi is not the only car that has recieved a bashing from Top Gear UK, as the Toyota Prius is still mocked in the latest episodes!


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  1. Awesome. Keep up the good work

  2. Thank you for the interesting facts of the G-Wiz

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