The other day, I was discussing cars with a fellow petrolhead, and a rather controversial subject was brought forward: electric cars.

The car company Tesla has been producing fully electric cars for the past eleven years, and it’s safe to say they have completely changed most people’s perspective on electric cars.  Before Tesla, the world had seen G-Wizes and other contraptions that made electric cars look impractical, useless, and of course, slow.  But the amazing thing Tesla did was make electric cars practical for everyone.  Tesla’s rather “simple” idea of creating a strong, rigid chassis floor made completely of lithium ion batteries (the same battery used in an average laptop) to fuel a car was revolutionary to say the least.  As my friend and I discussed Tesla, and it’s future and viability as a car company for the future, we realized that they’re really the first car company to make an appealing electric car.  However, we believe that there is another form of energy for cars will truly pave the way for the future (and that form of energy, will be discussed next week).


Tesla Roadster


Tesla Model S


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