BMW i8 : The Full Electric Sports Car

BMW i8 


The first electric sports car created by the incredible engineers at BMW 

          The BMW i8, in many people’s opinion, was not created for practical use.  The i8 is simply a way for BMW to unleash it’s engineering masterminds into the faces of their competitors.  Being part of the “Project ‘i'” branch of BMW, the i8 will become a motoring icon when it is released in 2015, being sold under a completely separate brand.  As said in a previous post, the i8 was unveiled at the 2014 Frankfurt Motor Show, as well as the 2014 L.A. Auto Show!  


     The production i8 has a 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery having a full range of 23 miles, however, an additional few generators are added to the car for a fantastic range and unbelievable power.  The car boasts an unbelievable 135.5 mpg, dominating it’s sector with a fantastic steering system that allows for full feel and contact with the road, while saving fuel by not using old-fashioned (but rumored to still be better) hydraulics.  The aerodynamic capabilities of this car are truly phenomenal.  As the air passes over the car, the several “futuristic” scoops and ducts allow for increased down force, which allows the car to have grip in the corners, while still allowing an element of “slip n slide” which makes a sports car like this extremely fun.  




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