LaFerrari vs. McLaren P1 vs. Porsche 918



The most interesting cars of our century : being released all in a span of a few months? Fishy.

    People who review my blog must be thinking : Why are there so many blog posts discussing just three cars?  Well, you see, I’ve taken quite a bit of my time to research and track the progress and performance of these three truly amazing hypercars because, to me, they are saving supercars.  Over the past decade, ecomentalists and other agencies have spoken against cars like these – cars that push the limits of what we believe is humanly possible to create.  These cars push the boundary of performance, and keep people wanting more and more.  


     Auto makers who create these machines don’t go to work to create something sub-par or unimpressive, they put their heart and soul into these creations.  You see, I truly believe these cars are more than just machines, they’re art.  The “noise” that comes out of their exhaust, those pipes from the back, are supposed to simply be waste from the process of internal combustion.  But it’s simply stunning to me that, even though it’s waste, it’s music to my ears.  When I hear a Lamborghini or Ferrari go past, I stop everything I’m doing, I drop everything, just to listen to the music that gives me goosebumps.  Who knew internal combustion could sound like a symphony?  

     Competition, in my opinion, is the biggest force that invokes improvement and advancement.  In any sport, players are pushed by each other to perform at new levels, and push even past the brink of what we all believe is humanly possible.  The same goes for these three phenomenal automakers.  Competition is the impetus to their commitment and passion for cars.  They don’t work just for a salary, but rather, to express themselves with phenomenal engineering.  


McLaren P1



Porsche 918 Spyder



Ferrari LaFerrari

     As in the Count of Monte Cristo, these automakers are pushed to create and perform every year because of their competition.  The Count’s thirst for revenge and power over his enemies is not much different than say Ferrari’s thirst for putting out the best possible car against all it’s rivals, and to be out on top.  


One thought on “LaFerrari vs. McLaren P1 vs. Porsche 918

  1. Oh my goodness, so many beautiful cars~
    Agreed, as well, that the revving of an engine like that gives me the best kind of chills 🙂

    Write on, my friend~

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