The New S-Class


The benchmark of luxury and innovation : The Mercedes-Benz S Class 

     Mercedes-Benz, in the past, was always renowned for their quality, passion, and work-ethic.  They would spend so much money and time into making the best possible product, into making and bringing out the benchmark of the automotive world, that they began to make cars at a loss rather than a profit.  Their search for perfection was halted when they were staggering behind their German competitors in funds, and Mercedes had to act fast.  So over a period of time, they began to try to make profits by lowering their quality and work-ethic just to bring out a product which people would buy.  Mercedes-Benz had already made a big name for themselves, so people would simply buy their cars for the badge and hope that it performs as well as they thought it should.  Mercedes, like Mercedes in the story “A Count of Monte Cristo” lost it’s charm and love it used to receive, and was abandoned for it’s rivals like BMW and Audi.  However, I’m glad to say that Mercedes is back to it’s time of dominance and quality.  I mean, just look at the brand-spanking-new S-Class.


The gorgeous interior is lined with several LED lights that have been proven to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.  The lights change their hue and make you feel like you’re in a top-of-the-line first class cabin.  



Believe it or not, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the first car in the world that can effectively drive itself.  Although it cannot necessarily navigate where it is going, the vehicle can maintain optimum distance between the other cars, follow traffic laws, and stay within the lanes better than even the driver can.  


     The S-Class always brings out new technology and innovation that simply boggles the mind.  This car is completely digital, even the speedometer is a screen that can display so much more than just two dials.  It even features a thermal vision camera that pinpoints and boxes objects or animals in the road, and the car simply brakes itself when it gets close to the box.  



It is a well known fact in the automotive industry that if you want to see what technology your car will have in ten years from now, you look at what the S-Class has today.  The new version, the W222 features a more powerful (and hopefully more efficient, but maybe not) twin-turbo V-8 (455 BHP) or a V-12.  New options are also coming up with a diesel-powered motor arriving in the United States and a hybrid (306 BHP). 




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