Scion (Toyota) FR-S (GT-86)


Who knew a car so affordable could be so entertaining? 

     The Scion FR-S is a car that changed the petrolhead community.  You see, in a way, there’s a social hierarchy of petrolheads.  On the top is the people who own Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc. These people have to go to the track to really test and have fun with their cars because the speeds they can reach and the grip they have can not be achieved on public roads.  Towards the middle are those who own BMW M3s and Audi RS5s, they also have to go to the track to really test their cars and have fun because of the immense grip.  On the bottom are people who buy cars because they also love them, just at a more affordable price.  These people usually had to buy underpowered and cheap sports cars, or modify old cars to give them the same power as the more expensive ones, but erratic handling and looks.  Now, however, there’s a car that can give the thrills to everybody cheap and cheerfully, and Toyota had the answer with their FR-S. 


     The Scion is made to be as cost efficient as possible.  Even though the interior is rather plasticky and dull at some parts, we know it was created to reduce the cost on the interior and increase the performance and handling of the sports car.  The Scion has a 4-cylinder boxer engine that has only 200 BHP, but a high RPM range and torque being achieved at 7,000 RPM makes everybody have to drive this car aggressively.  In order to be able to catch huge slides and maneuvers, the FR-S is fitted with the same, eco-friendly, and grip-unfriendly tires found on the Prius.  




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