The Rise of Audi


How did an offshoot of Volkswagen end up becoming a major player in the European luxury market?

     Audi went from being in a small corner of the Volkswagen dealership, to a part of the “big three” German luxury brands, many times out-selling BMW and Mercedes-Benz in certain markets usually dealing with their Quattro systems featuring four-wheel drive stability and power.  Audi used to be the underdogs, the manufacturer that was neither a luxury nor a people’s brand.  Before 2010, although they were directly competing with BMW and Mercedes, they were always falling short, but that period ended very quickly indeed.  


     Audi used to be a car company littered with issues.  Their engines developed less power and grunt than their German rivals, and it’s safe to say they were much less reliable.  However, they were able to turn it around with the guidance from their extremely experienced father : Volkswagen.  They put a new emphasis on safety and reaching to the larger markets for smaller, more economical cars like hatchbacks.  Additionally, Audi added new models that encompassed every possible sector in the modern market for cars.  

     Everyone favors an underdog in a fight.  As Rocky Balboa made his debut against Apollo Creed, people cheered for the underdog because it’s exciting to have a new champion, a new competitor to push the boundary and bring something new to the table.  Audi is a company that emerged so quickly as a major competitor.  The “big three” : Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi are such fantastic innovators that in order to compete and create better cars than the other, they create amazing technologies that help advance the automotive world in the right direction.  


Audi A4



BMW 3-Series



Mercedes-Benz C Class



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