Car Design

Car Design


     It’s a well known fact to automotive companies that car design reflects the mood and image of the people who drive and buy their cars.  Just like a writer who uses a different tone when approaching a specific audience, car companies have to design and make cars that reach out to a specific group of buyers. Continue Reading

The Three Supercars That Shook the Automotive World

A Look at the Three Most Anticipated Hypercars of 2013


     The Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and Porsche 918 Spyder all come from three very different car companies, but the reason for their production is the same.  Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche all wanted to show off to the automotive world that hybrid technology CAN BE fun, exciting, (and, of course, very fast).  All use electric motors that give a great torque boost and quicken the response off the line, paired with their massive and powerful engines.  All are mind bendingly quick, using DSG transmissions with seamless shifts.  And finally, all have taken active aerodynamics to a whole new level of complexity, with carbon fiber bodies.  These three cars may seem to be very similar, but in truth they’re very different indeed.  Whichever “path” you choose, you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic and impressive hypercar.

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